Reflex Level Gauges

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Gauge Type Model Pressure (bar) Application
Tubular Gauge - 17.2 Low pressure, boil-out, good water quality
Reflex C Type 17.2 Cast Iron body, low pressure
Reflex S Type 24.1 Steel body, moderate pressure
Flat Glass FG-400 31.0 Moderate pressure
Flat Glass FG-900 62.0 Moderate pressure
Flat Glass FG-1500 103.4 High pressure
Flat Glass FG-2000 137.8 High pressure
Simpliport P4000 103.4 High pressure
Simpliport P4100 206.8 Heavy duty pressure
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    • Reflex Level Gauges are for low pressure steam up to 24.1 bar dependent upon the pH of the boiler water.
    • Very easy to read


    Bulletin R100.33
    Bulletin AB7.3A