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Jerguson® offers the world’s largest selection of liquid level gauge glasses, magnetic level gauges, liquid level switches, transmitters and accessories. This wide array of products assures you that solutions are based on your needs, not on what is available.

Jerguson gauges and valves have been installed and successfully used on a wide variety of liquid level applications, from basic chemical storage tanks to the most advanced nuclear aircraft carriers. Jerguson provides a single-source level measurement and control solution, bringing an entirely new plateau of technology to remote level indication.

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  • Flat Glass Level Gauges
    Flat Glass Level GaugesFlat Glass Level Gauges

    Reflex Level Gauges

    1. Reflex Level Gauges are ideal for clean service and non-viscous applications
    2. Provides an easy to read black-silver indication (black = liquid, silver = vapour).
    3. Solid construction and tempered borosilicate glass
    4. Also known as “prismatic” level gauges

    Transparent Level Gauges

    1. Transparent Level Gauges are ideal for dirty, corrosive services and process steam
    2. Solid construction, using tempered borosilicate glass windows with the option of mica shields
    3. Also known as a “through-vision” gauge or “clear” level gauges
    4. An illuminator is always recommended to be fitted for easy reading of the gauge
    Series Maximum Pressure (bar) Application Datasheet
    Reflex Transparent Steam Service
    300L Series 51.7 51.7 20.6 Low pressure Bulletin J100.07 300L
    20 Series 155.1 68.9 24.1 Medium pressure Bulletin J100.09 20
    32 Series 275 206 51.7 High pressure Bulletin J100.10 32
    40 Series 344 344 103.4 Heavy duty high pressure Bulletin J100.11 40
    51 Series N/A 689 N/A Highest pressure Bulletin J100.12 51
    L-10 Series 82.7 34.4 N/A Boiling liquids Bulletin J100.13 L10

    Options and accessories:

    1. Various valve options including:
    2. Speciality materials of construction
    3. Illuminators for improved visibility - Bulletin J100.32 LumaStar
    4. Non-frost extensions for low temperature service - Bulletin J100.14 Non-Frost
    5. Aluminosilicate glass for high temperature service
    6. Expansion coils for high temperature service
    7. Insulation jackets for the gauge and valves
    8. Welding-pad gauges - Bulletin J100.15 Weldpads
    9. Off-shore coatings