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Cebeco offers hundreds of products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Our control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration.

We cover the range from simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating microcontrollers and remote communications. We provide cost-effective, perfectly suited products for our customers, and have been doing it for over 35 years.

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Murphy Level Switchgage
Murphy Shock and Vibration Switch

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  • Liquid Level Switches

    L150, EL150K1, EL150EX Level SWICHGAGE® series For Engine Liquids

    The L150 series Level SWICHGAGE® is a combination liquid level gauge and low limit switch. Each unit includes a chamber with pivotal float, an indicating dial with pointer and a low level contact.

    When properly installed and maintained, the float operates the pointer which, in turn, both indicates level during normal operation, and closes a switching circuit if the level falls to the low-limit set point.

    Model L150 has a single electrical connection (contact grounds on low fluid level). Model EL150K1 has a snap-switch (SPDT contacts with insulated wiring).


    • Fluid level monitoring for coolant, oil, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid.
    • Gauge face and pointer indicates fluid level
    • Float operated low level switch, triggers alarm or shutdown protection
    • Float adjustment knob for operator test of alarm or shutdown
    • Optional explosion-proof model EL150EX

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