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SchuF Fetterolf is one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty and custom made valves for the chemical, process and minerals processing industries. SchuF Fetterolf designs and manufactures industrial valves that control, isolate, divert, or sample gases, liquids, slurries or powders.

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  • Bottom Outlet Valves or Drain Valves are used extensively in the chemical and petrochemical industries to drain vessels containing dangerous substances under high pressure or temperature. Bottom Outlet Valves ensure dead space free draining of vessels or reactors.

    There are two types of Bottom Outlet Valves:

    • Disc Bottom Outlet Valves
    • Ram (or Piston) Bottom Outlet Valves – these are used when full flow is essential to drain reactors and vessels, flush pipelines, inject media such a kill gases and catalysts and to take large samples.


    SchuF Disc Bottom Outlet Valve
    SchuF Ram Bottom Outlet Valve