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Anderson Separator is a leading supplier of filtration and process equipment for natural gas production and transmission, power generation and general process applications. The ideal application is the removal of both liquids and solids that are smaller than 3 microns.

Anderson Separator offers a broad variety of mechanical separators including Vane Type, Multi-Cyclone, Centrifugal and Filter. The range provides unmatched liquids and solids removal and requires no maintenance.

Cebeco distributes the broadest range of strainers in Australia, covering the full line of basket strainers, Y-strainers and cone strainers.

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  • Vane Separators
    • Anderson vane separators eliminate 100% of liquids to 8 microns from gases at 0-110% rated flow.
    • Handle a large volume of liquids.
    • Produce gas-free liquid and liquid-free gas.
    • Vane separators use “pocket style” vanes and mesh pad coalescers

    AVS Series
    AVGS Series