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Protectoseal is the leading global manufacturer of vapor and flame control equipment for storage tanks. Since inception in 1925, Protectoseal has manufactured the highest quality products with a continuing commitment to "Safety Without Compromise".

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  • Emergency Pressure Vents

    Protectoseal emergency vents protect the tank against catastrophic rupture caused by heat exposure from a fire.

    Type Series Sizes Features Datasheets
    Emergency 52500 16” to 24” With manhole cover 52500 EV
    Emergency 7800 2” to 24” Mushroom style cover 7800 EV
    Hinged Emergency 51600 16” to 24” Hinged manhole style 51600 EV
    Emergency 53300 16” to 24” Manhole style 53300 EV

    An Emergency Pressure Vent is installed on above-ground storage tanks and is a code requirement. Emergency Vents provide high capacity pressure relief in the event of a fire. 

    If the internal tank pressure reaches the Emergency Vent’s set pressure, the vent’s weighted cover releases, allowing the tank to relieve the pressure. Once the internal tank pressure drops back to a safe level the vent’s cover lowers and automatically resets.

    For all enquiries related to Emergency Pressure Vents or our other products, you can contact the Cebeco Sydney office on + 61 02 9651 4220 or our Perth office on +61 08 6465 4599.