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Protectoseal is the leading global manufacturer of vapor and flame control equipment for storage tanks. Since inception in 1925, Protectoseal has manufactured the highest quality products with a continuing commitment to "Safety Without Compromise".

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  • Specialty Tank Fittings

    Protectoseal manufactures a range of speciality tank fittings:

    Type Series Features Datasheet
    Liquid Level Indicator 40000 Unguided float 40000 Indicator
    Liquid Level Indicator 41000 Guided float 41000 Indicator
    Automatic Tank Gauge 42000 For up to 20m high tanks 42000 Gauge
    Water Drain Valve 660 Provides complete water draining 660 Drain
    Air Dryer 782 Prevents moisture entering the tank 782 Drier
    Internal Safety Valve 3000 Automatically closes in event of a fire 3000 Safety
    Gauge Hatches 49 and 59 Various styles available Hatches
    Overflow Valve 7300D Protects against overfilling 7300D Overflow