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Protectoseal is the leading global manufacturer of vapor and flame control equipment for storage tanks. Since inception in 1925, Protectoseal has manufactured the highest quality products with a continuing commitment to "Safety Without Compromise".

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  • Spring Loaded Vents
    • Spring loaded vents are used for higher than normal settings than are available with conventional weight loading techniques
    • Vent set point minimum is 3 psig and maximum is 15 psig
    Type Series Sizes Features Datasheet
    End-of-Line Pressure and Vacuum 9540 2" to 12" Pressure and Vacuum
    Spring Loaded
    End-of-Line Pressure 9800 2" to 4" Pressure only
    End-of-Line Vacuum 9240 2" to 12"
    Vacuum only
    Pressure Vacuum with Pipeaway 19540 2" to 12" To contain hazardous vapors
    Pressure with Pipeaway 19800 2" to 10" Protects from external flame
    Side Mounted Vacuum 19240 2" to 14"
    Vacuum only