878x Hybrid Gas Density Monitor with analogue output

  •  878x
  •  878x

Main Features

  • Exact switching following isochore at all temperatures
  • No contact bouncing
  • Independent, galvanically separated circuits
  • Continuous analogue output signal for gas density
  • Long term drift free sensor output signal


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Technical Data

Product Code 878x
Designation Hybrid Gas Density Monitor with analogue output
Brand Trafag
Measuring range 0 … 1100 kPa abs. @ 20°C, 0 … 56.1 kg/m³ 0 … 1100 kPa abs. @ 20°C
Product category Gas Density Monitors & Sensors
Accuracy @ 25℃ typ. ± 10 kPa @ 20°C, Other Options Available
Output signal 6.5…20 mA, SPDT
Measuring principle Mechanical monitoring: Principle: Reference gas measurement Electronic monitoring: Principle: Oscillating quartz measurement
Industry SF6 density measurement
Applications High voltage technology
Ambient temperature -40°C ... 80°C

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