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Most manufacturers strongly recommend verifying the calibration of their confined space instruments with a known concentration test gas before use. This is known as a bump test or challenge, and while the test is very important, it is also simple and takes only a minute or two to accomplish.
Most manufacturers agree that it is not necessary to make any calibration adjustments unless calibration gas readings are off by more than some percentage of the expected value. While advice may differ between manufacturers, most suggest using ±10% as the criterion for determining whether adjustments are required.
Calibration gas checks can be done in a tiered approach:
1. Bump Test: The meter is shown a gas source, shows some response and may alarm. The gas may be a calibration gas or an indefinite source such as a butane lighter or magic maker.
2. Calibration Check: The meter is shown calibration gas and the user verifies that the readings are within a predefined amount, typically ±10% of the calibration gas concentration.
3. Full Calibration: The meter is shown calibration gas and readings are adjusted (automatically or manually) to the certified gas concentration.
4. Factory Calibration: The meter is then returned to a factory-certified service center for testing and adjustment.
Cebeco can supply standard & custom made high precision gravimetric calibration gas mixtures and high purity gases in a range of both compact light weight or much larger type cylinders. These containers are ADR suitable, manufactured to international standards, and can be transported by road, sea and air worldwide.
Calibration Gases are manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142 and all aluminium cylinders conform to EN12205 / ISO 11118 and are traceable to NPL, UKAS and NIST.
Industries we supply to include but not limited to the following;

– Oil/Gas/Petrochemical
– Mining/ Mineral Processing
– Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Medical, Homelands Security)
– Occupational Health & Safety
– Environmental Monitoring
– Process and Plant Control

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