Calibration frequency is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding the use of gas detection instruments. Regulatory agencies typically refer users to follow manufacturers recommended protocols for calibration. In Australia manufacturers and suppliers of gas monitors require calibration to be performed every six months. A properly calibrated gas detector will be able to provide accurate readings of traces of various gases in the air, helpful in situations such as gas leaks where immediate evacuation or medical aid might be required. If a gas detector has not been properly calibrated and records gas traces as being lower than they are, the outcomes can be catastrophic.

Cebeco have qualified technicians who can provide both workshop (in-house) and onsite calibrations for portable & fixed gas detection equipment and all gases used are NATA traceable. We also can replace sensors in your monitor when required. Our workshop calibration turn-around is 24-48hrs (unless repairs have been pre-approved and parts are in stock). On occasion this time frame may be extended when the workshop is busy. An ‘Urgent turn-around’ option is also available if required (a surcharge may apply).
The in-house calibration service is conducted at our Gladesville office. You can ship your unit to us, we will calibrate it and ship it back, or you can drop it off at your convenience…
If you require a gas monitor during this period, we also have hire units available.

We can service and calibrate all types of portable gas monitors including:
• Crowcon
• Riken Keiki & RKI
• Honeywell BW portable gas detectors
• Draeger
• And some others (Please check prior to shipping)
Whether you are looking for a gas detector for sale, a personal gas monitor for hire, or require a calibration service, Cebeco can help. We supply and work with a wide range of industries across Australia, priding ourselves on exceptional service and knowledge, ensuring our impeccable reputation is maintained at all times. We guarantee our outstanding workmanship from our highly trained and qualified technicians, enabling your business to minimise downtime and lost productivity.
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