Changeover Valve

For switching from one line to another


The SchuF Changeover valves has been reliable service in several industries over the past 40 years. Their major use is with dual safety relief valves.
• Available as a standard changeover valve, a vacuum version and as a ditch valve
• Shut off both valve outlets at the same time is impossible
• Deadspace free
• Temperature ratings up to 700 degrees C
• Suitable for pressure rating of ASME 2500 or high vacuum
• Extremely low leakage (TA Luft) to atmosphere (with stuffing box, or bellow sealing)
• Cleaning in service through flushing port(s)
• Actuation by hand, pneumatic, or electrical
• Can be partially or fully jacketed.
• Can be combined with Multiport valves
• High level of customisation is possible