Disc Bottom Outlet Valve

For high flow dead-space-free draining and feeding of vessels


SchuF is the inventor (in 1923) of the Disc drain valve (Bottom Outlet Valve – BOV). They are ideal for draining tanks, reactors or pipelines containing non viscous media. They are widely used in the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals, Biochemical, and mineral refining industries.

Disc valves are most commonly used for the dead space free draining and feeding of vessels, reactors and pipelines. They are especially suited to low viscosity materials, or where slower vessel drainage is unproblematic. The shorter stroke results in smaller, lighter and faster actuators, saving cost and weight. The disc rising valve is normally a flow to close design, aiding sealing performance. The disc lowering valve Model 24 can be used on vessels with agitators as it is non intrusive. They are also widely used for driers, mixers, and filters.