Diverter Valve

3, 4 , 5 and multi-way diverter valves


SchuF designs and manufactures advanced dead and slow space free diverter valves for switching critical processes and difficult media. They are often referred to as 3-way valves, 4-way valves, multi-way valves, or switching valves.

Diverter valves are mostly used to split or combine process flows or to switch medium between alternative pieces of process equipment such as pumps, filters, or complete pipelines. With control functionality on one or more outlets constant flow to sensitive parts such as spinning heads can be maintained by varying flow to less sensitve parts such as dye heads. They function in severe operating conditions with high flow rates, high pressure or temperature variants, and in vacuum conditions. In the refinery, diverter valves have been installed in vacuum distillation units (VDU) at the bottom of vacuum towers. The highly viscous vacuum residue can clog ball valves and t-pieces and typically requires the lines to be constantly back flushed.