DS13 Differential pressure switch

  •  DS13
  •  DS13

Main Features

  • High repetition accuracy of the switch points
  • Long life span
  • High overload protection
  • Lost of application options


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Technical Data

Product Code DS13
Designation Differential pressure switch
Brand Fischer
Measuring range ≥ 250 mbar, ≤ 16 bar, Differential pressure
Product category Differential Pressure Switch
Accuracy @ 25℃ typ. 2.5% FS
Output signal 1 Adjustable Microswitch, 2 Adjustable Microswitch
Industry Hydraulics, Pneumatic Systems
Applications Monitoring of tanks, filters and compressors Monitoring of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Electrical connections Permanently wired numbered cables 7-pin plug connection Cable socket
Media temperature -10 … +70 °C
Ambient temperature -10 … +70 °C
Supply voltage @ 25°C typ. 250 V ac....30 V dc
Process connection Inner thread G¼ Inner thread ¼-18 NPT
Material Aluminium GkAlSi10(mg); painted black Aluminium GkALSi10(mg); HART-COAT© surface protection Chromium nickel steel 1.4305 Chromium nickel steel 1.4571

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