DS35 Differential Pressure Switch

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Technical Data

Product Code DS35
Designation Differential Pressure Switch
Brand Fischer
Measuring range ≥ 20 Pa, ≤ 1000 Pa, Differential pressure
Product category Differential Pressure Switch
Output signal 1 Adjustable Microswitch
Industry Overheating Protection, Frost Protection, Flow Monitoring
Applications Overheating protection in air heating systems Frost protection monitoring in heat exchangers Flow monitoring in air ducts/channels Monitoring of blowers and dampers
Electrical connections Cable entry: PG 11 cable gland Cable gland position (housing) can be rotated 360A°
Pressure connections Hose nipples (6 mm dia.), or threaded sockets R1/8’’ (F) Hose nipples, 6 mm dia.
Repeatibility Limit detection: approx. ± 0.05 mbar , Switching hysteresis: approx. ± 0.03 mbar
Limit value contacts Vmax = 250 V AC, Imax = 1 A, Pmax = 100 VA
Configuration Snap action switch mechanism; 1 C/O contacts
Protection IP 54
Assesories Connection kit for air duct, consisting of: 2 m PVC hose (5 x 8 mm), 2 hose nipples, 2 rubber glands

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