Emergency Pressure Vacuum Vent 52500

An Emergency Vent for Pressure & Vacuum


Protectoseal’s Series 52500 Manhole Cover with pressure and vacuum relief, provides both emergency pressure relief and vacuum relief when installed on the manhole of a storage tank. In emergency situations (external fire involvement of the tank), normal venting devices may be too small to prevent over-pressurisation of the tank. The Series 52500 provides the necessary pressure relief capacity to maintain the tank in a safe operating range. The integral vacuum vent provides additional protection against tank collapse due to excessive vacuum in the vapour space.
• Vents directly to atmosphere
• Sizes 16″ (DN 400) through 24″ (DN 600)
• Pressure setting achieved by weight loading
• Vacuum setting achieved by spring loading
• Reseats automatically
• Patented, FEP film “Air-Cushioned Seating”
• Low-leak pallet design – certified test reports
• Conforms to the latest ATEX Directive
• Easy access manway facilitates inspection & repairs
• Available in Carbon Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel