End-of-Line Flame Arrester 27000, 29000, 31000

End-of-Line Crimped Metal Flame Arresters


The Protectoseal Series 27000, 29000 & 31000, End-of-Line Crimped Metal Flame Arresters are installed where it is necessary to protect against external unconfined deflagrations from entering the tank’s vapour space but not necessary to conserve vapour losses. They have been certified for use with the following chemical vapour mixtures as defined in the National Electric Code (NEC) Article 500:
• Series 27000 – Suitable for Group D vapours, generally equivalent to Group IIA.
• Series 29000 – Suitable for Groups D & C vapours, generally equivalent to Groups IIA & IIB.
• Series 31000 – Suitable for Groups D, C & B vapours, generally equivalent Groups IIA, IIB & IIC.
• Accurate and consistent element windings
• Low pressure drops, less susceptible to clogging
• Weatherhood easily removed for maintenance
• Available in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
• Factory inspected prior to shipment
• Removable element