End-of-Line Flame Arrester 670

End-of-line Flame Arrester


The Series 670/6670 Flame Arresters are designed to provide flame stopping protection for a tank’s vapour space when mounted to the end of a tank nozzle leading directly to atmosphere. The arresters are intended for use with vapours equivalent to Group D of the National Electric Code (NEC 500). The arresters prevent a flame front generated by an unconfined deflagration occurring outside the tank from propagating into the vapour space.
• Sizes 1″ through 4″
• Listed by Underwriters Laboratories in 1″ and 2” sizes
• Suitable for use with vapours equivalent to NEC 500 Group D, IEC Group IIA
• Vertically mounted, parallel plate-type flame arrester
• Protects against fire
• minimises pressure drop under normal operating conditions
• Easy inspection and maintenance
• Factory inspected prior to shipment
• Available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel