End-of-Line Flame Arrester 670E

End-of-line Flame Arrester, ATEX approved


The Series 670/6670E Flame Arresters are designed to provide flame stopping protection for a tank’s vapour space when mounted to the end of a tank nozzle leading directly to atmosphere. The arresters are intended for use with vapours with Explosion Groups IIB3 or IIA. The arresters prevent a flame front generated by an unconfined deflagration occurring outside the tank from propagating into the vapour space.
• Sizes DN 25 (1″) through DN 150 (6″)
• Conforms to the latest ATEX Directive, ISO 16852
• Suitable for use with Explosion Groups IIB3 or IIA (NEC Groups C or D)
• Parallel plate-type flame arrester
• Operating temperatures up to +60°C (140°F)
• Available with threaded (FNPT) or flanged (DIN, ANSI) connections
• Easy inspection and maintenance
• Weatherhood protects against environmental conditions
• Available in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel