Gauge Hatches

Lockable and non-lockable gauge hatches


The Protectoseal Gauge Hatches provide ready access to storage tank’s interior for inspection, gauging and sampling. Gauge Hatches are intended for use where the fire protection afforded by Protectoseal flame arrester is not considered necessary. The lockdown feature on the Series 4970 / 5960 makes them particularly suited for use on tanks with normal operating pressure under 3 PSIG. Tightening the thumb screw holds the cover securely in place, thereby minimizing leakage and evaporation losses. The Series 4960 / 4980 Gauge Hatches with Free-Lifting Covers have nominal opening pressures (based on their weight), but they should not be considered as primary pressure relief devices. Vapours relieved are expelled to atmosphere.
• Sizes 4″ (DN 100), 6″ (DN 150) and 8″ (DN 200)
• Provide tank access for manual gauging, sampling and temperature readings
• Free-lifting or lockdown models available
• Thermometer hook, gauge marker and lock hole are provided
• Hinged cover can be opened a full 75° to 80°
• Available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel