Hinged Emergency Vent 51700

An Emergency Vent with a hinged lid that is also a Manhole


Protectoseal Series 51700 Hinged Emergency Pressure Manhole Cover Vent provides emergency pressure relief for storage tanks that are exposed to an external fire. They are designed for installation on the manhole openings of tanks and provide a means of relieving large volumes of vapours, beyond the capacity of a normal operating vent. The Series 51700 design allows for higher pressure relief settings than are available on our Series 53300 Emergency Pressure Manhole Cover Vent.
• Vents directly to atmosphere
• Sizes 16″ (DN 400) through 24″ (DN 600)
• Pressure setting achieved by weight loading
• Hinged/counterweight design allows for higher settings
• Cover design allows for easy access to tank
• Patented, FEP film “Air-Cushioned Seating”
• Low-leak pallet design – certified test reports
• Conforms to the latest ATEX Directive
• Easy access manway facilitates inspection & repairs
• Available in Carbon Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel