ManiFlow Selector Valve

For testing oil from two or more production wells


The SchuF Maniflow Selector Valve (MSV) – a multiport selector valve type – is based on over 40 years of diverter valve experience. It is used in oil fields and other Oil and Gas applications for the testing and analysis of oil from two or more production wells. Previously this had to be achieved with a manifold with extensive piping and multiple valves.

There are normally numerous production inlets, one test outlet, one main outlet and a selector mechanism. The crude flow from any of the incoming wells can be diverted via the funnel like selector to the test outlet. The remaining crude is “manifolded” from the other inlets and exits directly via the main outlet.
Rotating the funnel like selector causes the crude to flow from any one of the other wells to the test outlet. SchuF provides a MSV solution with an advanced sealing system and accurate selector positioning device to achieve a position tolerance <0.5°.