Mark 601/602 Series

Self-Operated Sliding Gate Pressure Regulator


Self-Operated, High Flows

The Mark 601 and Mark 602 are used in applications that require higher Cv (Kv) rating without using a larger valve. The high flow Mark 602 has Cv’s (Kv’s) as high as 50 (43) and the super high flow Mark 602 has Cv’s (Kv’s) up to 70 (60). The sliding gate seats help reduce the droop commonly associated with high flow regulators.

Features & Benefits

  • Shorter stroke than a globe or plug-style valve: faster response, less offset, smaller and lighter weight than globe-style valves, longer diaphragm life
  • Straight-through flow: less turbulence, erosion and noise, improved rangeability, longer seat life
  • Ease of maintenance: interchangeable seats and Cv’s (Kv’s), fewer spare parts, self-cleaning seats, no gaskets or o-rings


End Connections: Threaded, ANSI Flanges (150#, 300#), DIN Flanges (PN 10/16, PN25/40)