Mark 62 Series

Internally Piloted Regulator


Internally Piloted Regulator

The Mark 62 internally piloted pressure regulator is a specialty valve designed for critical application regulation in locations where space is limited. Small and lightweight in design, the Mark 62 valve provides the accuracy of a piloted valve with the size, weight, and appearance of a single, self-operated valve. The Mark 62 will accurately control pressure with little deviation from the set point. The accuracy levels approach those provided by control valves with quicker response, therefore, the Mark 62 should be considered before other more expensive, sophisticated control instrumentation.

Features & Benefits

  • Internal Pilot provides higher accuracy performance within a compact, lightweight assembly
  • All Jordan Valve’s internally piloted regulators feature advanced sliding gate seat technology
  • Straight through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation
  • Short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation
  • Easily interchangeable Cv’s


End Connections: Threaded, Flanged

Body Materials: Ductile Iron, Bronze

Trim Materials: Stainless Steel, 316SST

Seat Materials: Jorcote on SST – Standard

Diaphragm Materials: Stainless Steel

Spring Housing Materials: Steel