Mark 66/660 Series

Dome Loaded, High Accuracy


Dome Loaded, High Accuracy

The Mark 66/660 is a highly accurate and economical air loaded pressure regulator that provides regulation from a local station or from a remote station. Dome loading combined with the sliding gate seats provide excellent regulation and rangeability. This valve can be coupled with an extended range I/P for remote operation. It can also be manually controlled with a MK12 loading station or a LowFlow JR regulator.

Features & Benefits

  • All metal-to-metal contacts – No gaskets or o-rings to wear out (2”/DN50 and under)
  • Versatile Application – Use on steam, air, gas, liquids, or chemicals
  • Sliding Gate Seats – Straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation, short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation, tight shutoff, and easily interchangeable Cv’s
  • Remote/frequently changing set points


Sizes: 1/2″ – 6″ (DN15 – DN150)

Cv (Kv): up to 395 (up to 340)

Diaphragm: Jorlon, Stainless Steel, Buna-N, Viton

Setpoint: up to body ratings

Body Material: Ductile Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron