Trafag offers a wide and deep range of pressure transmitters. Since I joined Trafag, I have heard time and again from internal employees as well as from our sales partners and customers that it is difficult to find your way around this product range. To be honest, I felt the same way at the beginning, and in recent years the portfolio has even grown massively with new products. So it’s high time we had a good tool to make navigating the Trafag pressure transmitter portfolio simple and efficient.

We have now created an interactive product portfolio table on the Trafag website that is very simple and clearly structured and provides a quick overview of Trafag’s pressure transmitter portfolio. The categorization by sensor technology, product family and target application helps you to find the right pressure transmitter quickly and efficiently. A single click takes you directly to the desired product.

Currently, the interactive overview table is only available in English, but we will add more language versions in the next weeks.

However, the websites with the explanations are already available in all languages, and they will be updated with the translated interactive table as soon as it is available.

If you would like to use the overview on a tablet in full screen mode and also for embedding, you may use this link: