In-Tank Emergency Shut-Off Valve

Emergency shut off valves to ensure the safe storage of dangerous fluids


The primary application of the TESO In-Tank Emergency Shut Off Valve is to ensure the safety of storage tanks containing dangerous fluids and gases such as LNG, Chlorine, VCM, VC, Propane, Propylene, or Ammonia. The valves are held open by an air actuator placed on or below the tank. In case of an emergency, the air supply is interupted. A weight or a spring slams the inlying valve shut, securing the tank and its contents.

According to the new API 625 Standard double or full containment tanks require the installation of in-tank valves which are to be automatically activated during a loss of electrical power or due to failure of external piping.
SchuF in-tank valve Model 73BH and Model 73ID achieve the API 625 Standard, designed and installed to prevent gas leakage and any nozzle penetration resulting from external pipe strain.