Vent-Line Flame Arrester 30000

Vent-Line / In-Line Crimped Metal Flame Arrester


The Protectoseal Series 30000 Vent-Line / In-Line Crimped Metal Flame Arrester is designed to be installed in open vent pipes from storage or processing tanks. The arresters are used to prevent the propagation of an external flame source through the vent openings and into the tank. They provide maximum air-flow consistent with vapour mixtures such as gasoline and methane (referenced by Group D atmospheres in the National Electric Code, NEC Article 500, generally equivalent to International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC Group IIA).
• Sizes 6″ (DN 150) through 12″ (DN 300)
• Suitable for use with vapours equivalent to NEC Group D, IEC Group IIA
• Protects against flame propagation in vent lines
• Straight-thru flow pattern minimises element fouling
• Accurate and consistent element winding
• Low pressure drop, less susceptible to clogging
• Easy inspection and maintenance
• Factory inspected prior to shipment