Basket Strainer

Cebeco offers a cutting-edge solution to filtration challenges with its high-performance basket strainers. These strainers are a vital component in fluid processing systems. They are designed to meet the demands of various industries. Cebeco's basket strainers effectively remove unwanted particles, debris, and contaminants from liquids. It ensures a clean and reliable flow.  These strainers boast a user-friendly design. They are crafted with precision and durability in mind. It makes maintenance and cleaning processes seamless. Trust Cebeco's basket strainers to enhance the efficiency of your operations while maintaining the integrity of your fluid systems.


  • Enhanced Reliability and Efficiency: Cebeco's basket strainers save maintenance expenses and downtime by eliminating hazardous impurities from your systems and ensuring a smooth and steady flow.
  • Sturdy and User-Friendly Design: Our strainers are made to last with precision and high-quality materials. They also have user-friendly designs that make maintenance and cleaning simple.


Australia’s broadest range of basket strainers

• To remove heavy dirt loads
• Cast units in cast iron, aluminium, bronze and 316SS carried in stock
• Standard fabricated units in carbon steel and stainless steel
• Fast opening closures available
• Other unique designs and material options available

Series Size Service Max. Pressure kpag Features
A100 1” to 3” Low duty 480
  • Cast design
  • Threaded connections
  • Bridge clamp closure
V Series 2” to 12” Low duty 1,960
  • Cast compact design
  • Flanged connections
  • Easy top entry cover
GT 1” to 8” Medium duty 1,050
  • Sturdy fabricated design
  • Quick acting tee bolt closure
  • Duplex option
HP-HL 2” to 16” High duty 1,960
  • Duplex option
  • Offset connections available
  • Closure options available
PS 6” to 24” Heavy duty As designed
  • Special purpose design
  • Quick entry swing bolt
  • closures
  • Filtration down to 1.0mm
ABW 2” to 20” Backwash 1,050
  • Automatic or manual backwash
  • Epoxy lined


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