MB-IB Series Flame Arresters


Features & Benefits

  • Available in 15mm and 20mm nominal bore with female threaded connections
  • Available in Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Simple light weight design for low flow rate applications
  • Fixed element design

Principles of Operation

The Elmac Technologies® MB-IB series of microbore Flame Arresters is specially designed for the protection of gas sampling and analysis equipment where flammable vapours are present. Many other applications involving small bore pipework can be protected from explosion risk using microbore arresters.

A flame arrester uses an element with small apertures which allows gas or vapour to pass. If the apertures are smaller than the maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) for the gas or vapour then a flame cannot pass through the arrester, and is subsequently contained or extinguished.

Explosion Groups

Elmac MB-IB Series of In-Line Flame Arresters are ATEX certified for Explosion Group IIB3.

Feature Standard Fitting Options*
Arrester Housing Materials Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Special materials on request
Element Material 316L Stainless Steel Hastelloy
Connections Threaded NPT or BSP female Special options on request
Arrester Finish Painted (Carbon Steel Arresters) Offshore Paint, PTFE Coated, Others on Request