NAI 8273 IO-Link Pressure Transmitter and Switch

  • NAI 8273
  • NAI 8273

Main Features

  • Pressure measuring accuracy 0.3 %, 0.5 %
  • Media and device temperature measurement
  • COM3, min. process cycle time 1 ms
  • 2 Switching outputs PNP/NPN configurable
  • Optional: 5-fold overpressure resistance


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Technical Data

Product Code 8273
Name NAI
Designation IO-Link Pressure Transmitter and Switch
Brand Trafag
Measuring range ≤ 100 bar, ≤ 600 bar, > 600 bar, <1500 psi, < 7500 psi, > 7500 psi, Relative pressure
Product category Pressure Transmitters
Accuracy @ 25℃ typ. 0.5 % FS, 0.3 % FS
Output signal 1 PNP Switch, 2 PNP Switch, IO-Link, other
Special features Compact design, Measuring range adjustable
Measuring principle Thin-film-on-steel
Industry Test and measurement, Hydraulics, Other
Applications Hydraulics, Machine tools, Process technology
Pressure connections G1/4" m; G1/4" m (Manometer); G1/4" m with integrated damping; G1/8" m, DIN3852-E; 1/4"NPT m; 1/4"NPT f; 1/8"NPT m; 7/16"-20UNF f, SAE J512 without valve opener; 7/16"-20UNF f, SAE J512 with valve opener; 7/16"-20UNF m, SAE4 (J1926); 7/16"-20UNF m, DIN386
Media temperature –40°C ... +125°C
Ambient temperature –40°C ... +105°C

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