Protectoseal is now considered as the leader in the industrial sector of manufacturing various safety tools. Now, we apply the latest software for offering sensitive products to our clients worldwide, along with the best customer service and after-sales support. A flame detector is a highly useful device that can detect any slightest sign of fire in an industrial establishment. This equipment can also identify any sign of gas leakage in manufacturing plants. Thus, it is one of the most important safety devices in all industrial plants.

Prime uses of the flame detector in industries  

  • The detection of gas is the main function of this flame detector, which is the initial stage of fire detection. Thus, people get enough time to evacuate the place and run to safety when an incident of fire breakout occurs. It can be used in storage tanks, offshore or oil platforms, and for fence line monitoring of air pollution leaks in industries. This is an open path gaseous detector that reacts very quickly in hazardous conditions. It is a simple device that can cover a large area.
  • This equipment does not raise any false alarms, unlike many other safety devices. It alerts people only on receiving accurate signals of fire. Usually, high temperatures in manufacturing units may cause false fire alarms, which can be avoided by the use of this latest device made by Protectoseal. We apply the best technology and wireless networking to achieve this state in this new sensory device. Thus, you can prevent useless disruptions in work caused by a false fire alarm.
  • We manufacture this sensory equipment with self-diagnosing capability so that it requires the least maintenance. Thus, our fire detector can prevent its malfunctioning through continuous monitoring of all inner parts. All our models of this safety device can tally accurate readings with all the external factors prevailing at the sites of installation of these high technological fire alarms. Since this self-diagnosis is an automatic feature, this detector does not need a manual operation for repairing itself and providing accurate results.
  • Our fire detector offers a wider field of view, which is much larger than any other sensory device. It can rotate up to a broader angle, to provide better security to all workers of an industrial plant. Thus, you will save money and lives by minimizing the risks for your employees in the case of fire in your business unit. This feature of our flame detectors is highly appreciated by all our clients, as it is a very important matter for them.
  • It can detect fire so quickly that people can sufficient time to get out of that dangerous situation. This sensory equipment works alike in all conditions, for which it can be used in your office, warehouse, and manufacturing units, irrespective of the nature of your business. So you can be sure of saving the lives of your employees even if they are working far inside the plant when this detector alarm signals a fire breakout there.

Hence, you should not hesitate to buy this flame detector, which can ensure the best security for your company and employees.