Steam Safety Valves To ASME


Steam Safety Valves to ASME I
• Low, Medium and High pressure
• Spring Loaded & Pilot Operated
• Sizes: Up to 6″ x 10”
• Set pressure: up to 350 bar g
• Max temperature: 649 °C
• Overpressure: 3%
• Blowdown: 4%
• Designed in accordance with ASME I
• Inlet connections prepared for welding or flange ASME 600-2500

Pressure Safety Valves

A safety valve is engineered to open and discharge excess pressure from vessels or equipment. It closes to halt further fluid release once normal operating conditions are restored, ensuring efficient pressure management and equipment safety.

Pressure safety valves are crucial in many industrial processes involving pressurized fluids or gases. Their primary function is to prevent overpressure situations that could lead to equipment failure, environmental damage, or even personal injury. When the pressure inside a system exceeds a predetermined level, the pressure safety valve automatically opens, allowing some fluid or gas to escape until the pressure returns to a safe level.

Cebeco offers a range of pressure safety valves designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries and applications. Their high-quality valves are built to withstand harsh operating conditions and are available in various sizes, materials, and pressure ranges. Whether you need a low-pressure safety relief valve for a heating system or a high-pressure safety relief valve for an oil and gas refinery, Cebeco has you covered.

One of the key advantages of pressure safety valves is their ability to provide reliable and consistent protection against overpressure situations. With proper installation and maintenance, these valves can help to minimize the risk of accidents, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of equipment. In addition, pressure safety valves can help organisations comply with safety regulations and standards, which are increasingly stringent in many industries.

Cebeco’s range of pressure safety valves includes the Tai Milano pressure safety valve and the Tai Milano pressure relief valve, manufactured in Italy to the highest quality and performance standards. These valves are designed to operate under high-pressure conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including power generation, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

In summary, pressure safety valves are essential to many industrial processes involving pressurized fluids or gases. They provide critical protection against overpressure situations, which could lead to costly equipment damage or even more severe consequences. If you need a pressure safety valve, Cebeco offers a wide range of options designed to meet the unique needs of your operation.

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